It’s Time to Fire Your Boss_Part III


In Part II of this series, I recounted the story of Jim. The story of Jim is unfortunately one that happens everyday in the workforce. Jim gave his best years to his employer only to be fired when they no longer found him useful. In this final part of the series, I will continue the discussion about the perils of depending on any employer as it relates to securing your financial future.

Drastic and widespread increases in corporate restructuring, downsizing, outsourcing, and the unintended consequences of globalism have reduced job security to a relic of the past. Gone are the days of working for a single employer for thirty or forty years.

As soon as you walk through the doors of your employer’s building, the clock that marks your termination starts counting down. Your employer sees you as a product with a limited shelf life. It does not matter whether…

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It’s Time to Fire Your Boss_Part II


In Part I of this series, I ended by introducing Jim. Here’s the rest of Jim’s story. Keep in mind that Jim could be any employee, including you.

Jim sacrificed family time to work extra hours at the request of his employer. He missed his children’s birthday parties. Jim could not go on weekend hunting and fishing trips with his buddies. On many occasions, Jim was forced to cancel dinner reservations with his wife. Why? Because Jim’s employer gave him a false sense of security.

Jim was a valuable team member and made his employer lots of money. Jim gave his best years to his employer. On a bright and sunny Monday morning, Jim arrived at his job only to be told that his services were no longer needed. Two security guards escorted Jim out of the building and off the company’s property. Jim was not given any advance warning…

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It’s Time to Fire Your Boss_Part I


Humans are wired from birth to be independent. We develop motor coordination and go from crawling to walking and from walking to running. We learn how to ride our bicycles without training wheels. We learn to drive a vehicle without the constant supervision of a driving instructor. We study at tertiary educational institutions with the hope of becoming independent critical thinkers.

But for some inexplicable reason, when it comes to our careers, we are trained (almost instinctively) to be dependent on an employer. Without a second thought, we place total control of our financial future in the hands of a corporation—a corporation that most likely does not give a damn about whether or not we win.

To be entirely dependent on any employer, hoping that the organization will cater to your personal and professional future interests is a risk that should be considered carefully and wisely.

A few years ago…

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Women: You Are Powerful Beyond Measure!

Great idea


A few weeks ago, my 20-year-old twin daughters decided to add a new challenge to their lives—one that has the potential to set them on a path to building extraordinary wealth and gaining the freedom of time to enjoy life on their own terms.

This challenge started off as a conversation about success, but the more we talked, the more excited they became, and voilà, a thought turned into a plan, and a plan turned into an actionable challenge. 

So here’s the gist of the 500×500 Challenge. The 500×500 Challenge is a personal challenge to save and invest $500, 500 times. This challenge, however, is more than just saving a quarter-million dollars. This challenge is about empowerment—personal empowerment, financial security, and economic independence.

Too often, women find themselves struggling in the grip of toxic realities that force them to keep their heads down and accept less than what they are…

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How To Prepare For The New Year

January is just around the corner which means soon we’ll be knee deep in new year diet fads, unrealistic resolutions and a hungover bank account thanks to Christmas. I’m guilt of writing that long list of resolutions and being adamant on the 1st of January that ‘THIS IS GOING TO BE MY YEAR!’. I’m not even ashamed to admit that. I love the thought of a new year full of new opportunities; a proper fresh start. I love the new year that much that I like to plan for it, I like to plan ahead. So, I thought I’d share with you how I’m going to prepare for 2018.

Write Your List Of Resolutions

IMG_4814.jpgYou know you can’t resist writing that list of resolutions so go on, get that pen and paper and get writing. Don’t be too unrealistic, I mean at the top of my list every year is…

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The holidays bring up all kinds of feelings like Joy, Love, Loneliness, and Nostalgia. One begins to think of what they accomplished (or failed to) over the past year and all the holiday parties have a way of pointing out how alone they feel. The Holidays have a way of making someone think back to times when they were wanted and comforted.

Suddenly you get text from your ex!


First option is that they’re just bored and horny. These are the fuckboys that breadcrumb you, maybe it’s one from your local neighborhood and you’re both home for the holidays with not much to do. Or if they’ve been lonely for a while, the holiday season really puts them in ‘the mood’ wink wink*.

Second option is that your ex want to reconnect. It’s possible you’ve only been broken up for a short time. They still miss the connection and…

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Dating: do you have too many rules?

Girl Rebuilt

Dating is such an enormous challenge for people coming out of bad, toxic relationships.  We get signals crossed, often don’t pick up on subtle clues and, because we’re still a little flinchy, we try desperately to dodge any future problems by creating a set of dating rules or expectations, just so as not to get burned again. And while a certain amount of protection in the form of guidelines or boundaries is always a good thing, too many will insure that you pretty much never date again. here’s how to cut back on a few of those iron clad rules…

Don’t make assumptions about people before you know them: My mother used to say, Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see. And that especially goes for dating. Dating between two healthy individuals is tricky, tricky, tricky, but for those who come from abusive or…

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