What I’ve Learned During my First NaNoWriMo

Writer's Refinery

I”m almost halfway through NaNoWriMo month and it’s been quite eye opening. Unlike most who spend October, also known as Preptober, planning their novel and project, I did my prep in about a week. The idea to participate came to me while I was on vacation in New York and building my three year life plan. I’ve been toying with writing a novel and figuring out the concept for years. While scrolling Instagram, I saw many of the book related accounts that I follow mentioning NaNoWriMo and after some research was instantly hooked. The idea of buckling down the whole month of November and drumming out the first draft of my book was mesmerizing. Apparently I’m addicted to deadlines. Go figure.

Two weeks into the process there are a few things I’ve learned that may be helpful for others when they start the journey to their first draft.


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