About Me


Welcome to My Blog!

I have a lot of opinions and I love to write, therefore this blog was born.  One day I hope to write novels about love, life and everything in between while sitting in a nice Seattle home overlooking Puget Sound, but until my “big break”, I stretch my writing muscles with projects like this.

A few things you must know before you read my posts.  I’m blunt, unapologetic but my goal is certainly not to offend anyone.  These are my views on random topics.  I’ve included some tips to help you determine if this blog is for you.

This blog is for you if:

  1. The Trump Administration gives you heartburn and as much as you want to act like the world isn’t driving a motorcycle going 200 mph straight to hell, you’re realistic enough to know that it is.
  2. You can find the humor in even the most taboo of topics.
  3. You don’t shy away from talks about religion, class, and RACE.
  4. You love books, TV shows and/or music.

This blog is not for you if:

  1. You think all we have to do to fix the world is hold hands, think positive and rainbows and leprechauns will suddenly appear.
  2. You don’t “see color”, think everyone makes everything about race and pledge allegiance to Tomi Lahren.
  3. You want to ‘Make America Great Again’.
  4. You think all the world’s problems is based on the fact that people don’t spend enough time in Church.  Pray the hate away, read the Bible, click your heels two times and Jesus will cure it all.  (Note: I am by no means Atheist but I have huge issues with organized religion but we will discuss that at some point later on.)

So there it is.  The decision is yours.  Hope you enjoy but if you don’t that’s ok.  It’s your opinion.  It’s a free country after all.

Or is it? 😜