The End of an Error—BYE TRUMP

If you’re a Trump supporter, this blog is not for you. As a matter of fact, my whole page is not for you so move along.

In other news, it’s Inauguration Day! We made it. After 4 long, painful years we made it. There will be no peaceful transition of power, which knowing everything about the thug in chief, it’s not surprising at all. Anybody who has paid attention and wasn’t blinded by the White Nationalist tendencies he exhibited saw that this is exactly who he is. He was never going to put country before himself. He didn’t win, therefore to hell with what’s best for America. There has been zero effort on his part to govern since he lost the election. Instead all his time has been spent lying to his gullible followers about the election being fraudulent, grifting to pad his empty bank account and inciting violence.

January 6th is his fault. Full stop. But no doubt he had help thanks to some ambitious members of Congress who either wanted to boost their profiles (I’m looking at you Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene) or solidify their run for President in 2024 (hey Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley). While the consequences for the insurrection at the Capitol will play out for months, the Republican Party has this “President” to blame for imploding itself. There’s been a split between Republicans and what others call Trumplicans. A split may be more likely if Trump forms the Patriot Party. Personally I’m taking some satisfaction in watching the same cast of characters that wreaked havoc for 4 years and particularly this last year barely did anything to help people financially during the pandemic, turn on each other. It may be petty but it feels like that perfect wheel of karma has finally come around.

Meanwhile, Trump struggles to get people to come to his farewell party instead of attending the inauguration and being an actual adult, the rest of us that are on board with this new administration can breathe a sigh of relief and celebrate. I’m hoping that the passion to vote doesn’t wane in future elections. There was such a deep interest to remove him that it mobilized everyone but we must not let up or we will end up in the same boat in 4 years.

The insurrection and subsequent sedition and lies has shown us our democracy is more fragile than ever before. White supremacists are emboldened and determined to “take our country back”. Where it went, I’m not quite sure but also neither are they. All they know is everything feels a little too much like it’s striving for the equality of others and embracing social justice. OH THE HORROR!

In the beginning, people voted for this man because he was the complete antithesis to Obama and because he vowed to make all their white dreams come true. Then there was the age old excuse of “we need something new. We are tired of career politicians. We need a businessman and to drain the swamp.” Well congrats. You got something new and he’s torn this country apart. Not the racial divide because that was always there but can we honestly say that we’ve had a former president that we were concerned about giving intelligence briefings after he left office? Or a former president that we were concerned about what he would try and sabotage before he left? No, because this isn’t some random job. It’s the Presidency. Word to the wise, if you want to try something new do it at a restaurant. Wild out and try the steak instead of the chicken. You don’t do that with the leader of the free world!

In the end, I can say he actually made America great again….by giving the Dems the Presidency, House and Senate.


One thought on “The End of an Error—BYE TRUMP

  1. Andrea says:

    Well said! Never did I imagine that in 2021 the inauguration of another white, elderly, man into the presidency would be such a progressive and bold step towards a more diverse and unified country. But here we are! I am excited about President elect Biden but no event inspires me more than the swearing in of soon to be Madame Vice President, Kamala Harris.

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