When it Comes to Dating, does Practice make Perfect?

With most things in life we are taught that practice makes perfect. Fixing your form, perfecting your technique, improving your accuracy are all rewards to putting in scheduled time to be the best at your chosen craft. However, when it comes to dating does practicing really help?

First, a few things about me that may help explain why this topic came up. For one, I am officially driving all of my friends crazy. Although in theory they would love to see me married and settled down, they would be more than satisfied if we could skip everything in the middle and just end up at the goal. Why you ask? Because I am the absolute worst. Plain and simple.

Being single and serial dating should be fun and relaxing. Instead I turn it into a hard calculus problem or some deep mystery that must be solved. I have to break down every action, analyze every conversation, body language, regurgitate what happened and what it all means. Not just in regards to our date but in the grand scheme of life. Ill admit. It is in a word…exhausting. I know that, because I have the innate ability to get on my own damn nerves.

The problem with practicing dating is it involves a lot of talking and being in the company of someone you may or may not know that well. For you extroverts of the world, that may be a great thing. For the INTJ that I am (look up Myers Briggs personality types and this will all make sense), this is the worst possible scenario. I know within 10 seconds of meeting someone whether or not we connect and if we dont, trudging through small talk and awkward silences makes me want to leap off a bridge.

However, for my fellow single ladies one of the major pieces of advice we are given is to go out with guys no matter what to get practice talking and interacting. The thought process is that it will make it easier to meet someone and you would come off less approachable. In my opinion, I feel like it will just make me more annoyed and take away the small amount of patience I have for human interaction as it is. I guess if I don’t want to end up one of those women who is a magnet for a ton of cats and knitting I will give it a try.

What do you think? Should you practice dating even if there is no spark or interest in the guy/girl?

One thought on “When it Comes to Dating, does Practice make Perfect?

  1. helpyourselfbookreviews355213387 says:

    Interesting how you mentioned your Meyers Briggs personality type. I’m sure as an ENFP my experience will be much different than yours and I would find much more joy in meeting a lot of new people than an introvert. That being said should you date someone you don’t have a spark/interest in? That’s a big maybe. Some level of attraction needs to be there. You’re not going to date someone you can’t imagine making a move on. But can dating someone you’re not infatuated with lead to a happy, healthy, easy and effortless relationship…maybe. If those people you’re infatuated with tend to be distant, cheaters, manipulative, childish, etc. then flipping the script may be a good thing. It may enlighten you to what you need and really want in a relationship even if that relationship doesn’t last forever. The infatuation is nice but that spectacularly amazing beginning of the relationship is often paired with a magnificently horrible ending.

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