Life is a Whirlwind

“Our lives can change with every breath we take.”

This quote from Natalie Portman’s character is one of my favorite movie lines of all time from Where the Heart Is

This is how my life has changed in the past two weeks….

For the past six months, I had been on the verge of a breakdown thanks to the stress and bullshit of my job to the point that I was having health problems. No sleep, heart palpitations, anxiety attacks, you name it. Eventually I got to a point where I prayed that whatever is meant to happen would happen. Fast forward 17 days later where I’m typing this from a beach house in the Virgin Islands at a new job that I secured 36 hours after I was laid off from hell (aka my old job).

Just like that life has changed.

A month ago, I never thought I would ever visit a place like this much less be working here listening to the waves crash while up in the mountains doing consulting work and making more money than I have ever before.

Somehow, regardless of who and what you worship there is a peace that comes along with just letting things go. The second I stopped stressing and let the Universe do what it’s supposed to do, it all worked out.

I’ve always been a bit of worrier and stressing about controlling my own destiny. This was the one time I can remember not stressing out about how it would all end up. Some how some way after that prayer I said, there was a sense of calm that fell over me that let me know that it would all work out the way it was supposed to.

Now my phone is ringing off the hook with opportunities and interviews that I would’ve never thought imaginable. I am where I’m supposed to be at the time I’m supposed to be here. Don’t get me wrong, there is a small part of me that would’ve liked about a week to lounge around the house in pajamas, watch Netflix, clear my head and eat trash food but when life comes calling you have to answer.

Besides there’s always time to clear your head when you’re overlooking the water 🙂

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