Don’t be ashamed that Trash TV is your stress reliever

I want to be a better person and say that everything I watch is thought provoking but that’s just not the case. I often get pissed about the stereotype of black women being loud and ghetto and wish there were better representations of us on TV….and then I go and watch Real Housewives of Atlanta and get my entire life. I’m sorry. The problem with being woke is that it really does require you to always be on the right side of every issue and be politically correct. I want to but here’s the thing. Trash is a good way to de-stress. At least it is for me. Sometimes there is nothing I love better than sitting back and watch women shade and argue with each other over the silliest things. I talk back to the TV, text my friends, scroll Twitter and eat some trash food.

There is probably a good historical documentary on somewhere in Cable land, an intellectual article I could read but sometimes I just don’t want to. I’m fully aware that at some point I’m going to get on some form of social media and rage about the very behavior that entertains me at times but then again I am only human.

When I hear people say “I watch some shows to escape constant politics”, I immediately tense up because I feel it’s used as a defense to tell celebrities and other public figures to be quiet and not speak on certain topics. However, after watching CNN, local news and keeping myself up to date with issues through following the ACLU, Planned Parenthood etc, sometimes I just want to shut my brain off. This is not me ignoring the disastrous state of the world but my own version of self-care.

A few of my favorite trash shows are:

Real Housewives of everywhere except Dallas and New Jersey

Married to Medicine

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Jersey Shore reruns

Love after Lockup (honestly if you have not watched this show I don’t know what you are doing with your life)

Don’t be ashamed people. Enjoy the trash!

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