Women: You Are Powerful Beyond Measure!

Great idea


A few weeks ago, my 20-year-old twin daughters decided to add a new challenge to their lives—one that has the potential to set them on a path to building extraordinary wealth and gaining the freedom of time to enjoy life on their own terms.

This challenge started off as a conversation about success, but the more we talked, the more excited they became, and voilà, a thought turned into a plan, and a plan turned into an actionable challenge. 

So here’s the gist of the 500×500 Challenge. The 500×500 Challenge is a personal challenge to save and invest $500, 500 times. This challenge, however, is more than just saving a quarter-million dollars. This challenge is about empowerment—personal empowerment, financial security, and economic independence.

Too often, women find themselves struggling in the grip of toxic realities that force them to keep their heads down and accept less than what they are…

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