Secret #1 #onlinedating #awkwardmoment 

Another online dating misadventure. Love reading these because they make me feel like I’m not alone in this dating craziness.


Last year I broke up with my ex boyfriend. Things weren’t always beautiful in our relationship we found ourselves arguing more and more every day. I finally decided to call it a quit and moved out and lived with a friend. I found myself reborn again like I felt few kilos off my chest, I could finally breath in and enjoy the air I inhaled. I enjoyed being single and did not crave for any man’s attention for the first time ever. I realised how much I actually loved myself. I looked into the mirror each day as I apply my makeup and seriously fell in love with myself again. I was actually happy that my mind was finally free. #singlelady

Few weeks later I met up with my girlfriend for dinner in Sydney Darling Habour. We laughed as we shared our relationship failure stories, she then told me about…

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