Adulting is overrated. Plain and Simple

There were so many people who told me to enjoy being young because you’re carefree, no responsibilities and all you really have to do is go to school and do your homework. Needless to say these people annoyed the hell out of me. What I wanted more than anything when I was a kid was to go where I wanted , when I wanted and not have to wait for it to fit in someone’s schedule to drive me there. Even something as simple as being able to go into the grocery store and get all of the things that I wanted like Frosted Flakes AND Lucky Charms without having to worry about my mom giving her patented speech in the parking lot before we walked in: “don’t ask for or touch anything in the grocery store.”

Also childhood to me blowed as well. I mean you had to constantly hang around people in school that you didn’t want to deal with, when you’re an adult you get to choose who you spend your time around. There was the teenage angst that at the time you thought was the end of the world but looking back on it you realize it was the dumbest drama every. Yes, like so many others I counted down the days until I could have my own house, my own car, do what I want when I want and be my own woman….…….Well I’ve been adulting for about 15 years now and let me tell you one thing:


Credit: Whisper

Credit: Whisper

No I mean really. I have to live by the notes and reminder apps in my phone because there is so much going on. If t’s not some household situation I have to keep on top of that needs fixing and renewing the pest control contract, paying the yard guy and being the only person responsible for cleaning then it’s doctor’s appointments, dentist, getting medications filled, fighting with insurance (car, medical and home), paying student loans (which are their own type of hell), getting your car serviced, balancing work, paying bills, investing, budgeting…..its. Never. Ending.

When I first moved out on my own the first thing that I was so excited about was doing my own grocery shopping. Fast forward to now and I owe my life to Walmart Grocery Pickup and Amazon Prime. I’ve gotten so allergic to going into stores that I have been reduced to buying toilet paper, washing powder and other household items online through Amazon and when grocery pickup is down or delayed, I’m eating nothing but fast food until its back up and running. Also, that cooking thing after a long day of work and having to come home and try to write, exercise, read, study, etc….that’s just not happening.

It was while I was complaining to some friends of mine recently that we all had the same moans and groans and it turned into a full on bitch session for hours. I think it’s just human nature to want what you can’t have and figure the grass is greener on the other side….until you get there.

If I had kids and had to deal with helping with homework every night in addition to their needs and doctor’s appointments, I would really be down for the count. (Although I would argue my dog is about as needy as any child, except I don’t have to send him to college later in life).

Just so happens, I’ve now become one of the people that I despised for so long…constantly reminding my nephew that he should enjoy this time where everyone buys him everything, he does his homework and then the rest of the day is his minus the occasional chore.

Allowance, woo hoo! Tax free cash that you don’t have to do much work for. Some of that please!

Remember naps? I would get violently angry when my mom would tell me to take one. Now I’ve gotten to the point that I’m actually excited to get in the bed.

Hated having to go to bed early as a kid? Not anymore! I didn’t realize that clubs didn’t really open until like 11pm. I figured if someone dragged me out that I could go and be back by then 🙂

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to sound like a big whiner but Adulting is just not all it’s cracked up to be. If I could go back, I would definitely have listened to my mom and her friends and cherished that time but oh well.

You live and you learn.

8 thoughts on “Adulting is overrated. Plain and Simple

  1. Unleashing the Cougar says:

    Love this post. As a single parent I can assure you that adulting sucks even more though there are great benefits to having teens myself now as they are still asleep at midday and I’m still lying in bed reading my emails and blogs like yours!


  2. Andrea Agee says:

    Oh God. Did this just sing to my bitter adult soul. Cherish the memories. I too wish I had been wise enough to understand those words. I wish walmart grocery delivered and did so within two hours of order. I’ve been in bed since 8:00 pm on this chilly Friday night. God bless red wine and investigation discovery channel. I’m not sure if I would be willing to give up these cheap thrills for kids…


  3. fivefeetandoneinch says:

    I love the message in this post! I have nominated you for The Blogger Recognition Award, you can check out my post @

    Liked by 1 person

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