First World Problems: The IPhone X preorder struggle

Like many other Apple stans, I was up at 2:01 CST poised and ready to order the new iPhone X. When I say ready I don’t just mean half asleep with my fingers on the Apple Store app. No, I mean the app was up on my iPhone and iPad and credit card out in case Apple Pay let me down and I needed to re-enter my numbers. I had done trial run throughs on the checkout process to see how fast I could click through to ensure that I solidified a phone on launch day.

So there I was…ready to go. The clock strikes 2:01am and I immediately start refreshing the app on both devices only to see the message “The Apple store will be back up soon”. For the first minute that was understandable but after minute 5 I started to get concerned. Something told me to try the actual Apple website and voila it worked. This is disappointing considering Apple has long stood by its claim that the Store app is the fastest way to preorder. Anywho, I order my phone and was so excited that my 256gb Silver model was still showing for November 3rd pickup. As I’m entering my carrier information and press enter, it takes forever for it to process. Ok well there are a lot of people using the site so I think it’s a little normal.

Well, I was wrong.

Instead of being taken to the screen to checkout and pick out my reservation time to get the phone at the store, I was given a registration number with an error message saying that Apple couldn’t contact my carrier. I stared at the screen in disbelief and immediately headed to Twitter where many other people were having the same problem. I started to panic when I didn’t get the email right away and went to my Verizon app. Wouldn’t you know not only was the phone still fully in stock showing a 11/3 delivery but I was able to complete the checkout process in less than a minute. It was clear that Verizon and Apple’s systems were not on the same page because it didn’t stop my order because I had another one pending with Apple.

I didn’t get the reservation email from Apple until 12:30pm the next day. You would think I would just let it go but no. I want to pick up my phone as opposed to get it shipped through Verizon for two reasons. One, I want to get my phone early in the am, in person, set it up in the store and have the Apple first day launch experience. I did it for the iPhone 7 and it was cool how excited the staff was and mingling with fellow Apple superfans. Two, Verizon uses FedEx which has been a nightmare for me when it comes to phone delivery. I’ve had them not show up until 8pm some nights, act like they attempted to deliver the item when they haven’t or my devices suddenly going “missing.”

When I got another reservation email at 3pm saying it was time to complete my order I was excited to keep going and then I would cancel my Verizon order. Instead I got this screen.

Thinking it was a fluke, I waited an hour and tried again. Same error. Finally I decided to call Apple. After being on hold for an hour, a specialist picked up the phone who had no idea what he was talking about and was dumbfounded by my situation. After having to get several people involved he came to the brilliant conclusion that the sites were just overwhelmed and to keep trying every half hour.

Ummm ok.

Fast forward several hours later and the reservation number is still not working. I connected with several people on Twitter who were having the same problem and ended up having to order through their carriers too instead of Apple. At this point I give up and will just hope that FedEx doesn’t let me down again.

Now it’s conspiracy theory time. I’ve participated in a lot of preorders and this was by far the worst. I think it’s incredibly convenient that carriers were better stocked and more user friendly than Apple. That never happens. Could it be? Is Apple trying to throw Verizon, AT&T, TMobile and Sprint a bone by letting them service their own customers first? Something is definitely up.

In the midst of my fury I drafted a very unkind Tweet to Apple CEO Tim Cook,but decided to delete it. I’ll blame the lack of sleep on that one.

All in all, yes I should have my phone on Friday which is wonderful but what a nightmare. First world problem indeed but a problem nonetheless.

I just have one message for Apple: Get it together! If you think I’m going to stand around and continue to buy your products when this is the kind of service you are offering… would be exactly right. Sorry, they’ve got me hooked for life 😀

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