The Power of being around other creative people

Diversity is a beautiful thing. Most of the time, the natural curiosity in me is peaked when I’m around people that think differently so I can observe how they handle situations. I think it’s the writer in me always wanting to dissect and monitor their traits with the constant thoughts, Wow this would make a great character for my next book or I can have a similar situation happen to further my plot line. The opportunities are endless. Also, if you are one of those people that actually attempt to see other points of view then being around assorted crowds is essential. It makes for some great conversations, debates and broadens your horizons.

However, there are times that as a creative, I get joy from being around other people with the same interests. I don’t realize just how much I miss it until I am around one and the topics turn to the types of pieces we are working on, their current projects and how they are incorporating today’s political climate into their pieces.

I was meandering through Seattle a few weeks ago and met a friend of a friend. He mentioned in passing that he was a writer and started discussing the genre that he writes and the software he uses to get organized, etc. There was a flash of energy that immediately surged through me. Suddenly my limbs that were literally aching at the six miles we walked by noon were invigorated. Rarely can I ever have conversations like that with people back home so I jumped at the chance.

Social media platforms are a great way to meet other writers and I have a few writing DM groups on Twitter but having that energy surround you physically definitely makes a difference. After a short conversation, I had so many ideas for blogs and short stories and was determined to find a local writing group.

It’s not easy to stay accountable especially with the grinds of daily life. I try to make it a point to write something everyday but sometimes it can be difficult to accomplish that goal. It’s important for writers to feed off and inspire each other as much as possible.

So writers and artists, go find your people and be inspired!!

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