How to Start A Diet

The Scrambled Egg

I doubt there are many of us who haven’t set the goal at some point to lose weight, go on a diet or eat more healthily to shift some of the lard.  It’s a goal I seem to set on a regular basis…especially with PCOS!

There are so many diet plans, recipes, DVDs and weight loss programs out there, but they all tell you what to do, not how to start doing it.

They don’t tell you how to get from Pie Monster to Rabbit Food Muncher.

The idea of eating an avocado instead of a chocolate bar fills you with dread, panic and an overwhelming desire to shove your face in a pie in rebellion.

Most diet plans get you to jump straight from a comfortable (unhealthy) food routine to one you don’t know anything about – overnight, with no build up or mental preparation! Arrrgggghhhhh!  You may start…

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