Brotha Wolf hates white people because he talks about racism

The notion that if you talk about racism that you hate white people is astounding.


white tears

I don’t hate white people, and I won’t season it with the taste of “Some of my best friends are white”. I don’t see a need to push that claim, and I actually don’t have best friends. Still, my blog posts and me highlighting articles or excerpts from books that expose or examine racism indicates that I have a problem with white people according to…white people.

The flack I catch ranges from those who sought me out for not having an open conversation and allowing the “other side” to speak to those who scream how racism against people of color (POC) is not the problem. But I’ve learned that those who groan about me not having an open discussion are actually full of shit, because their version of an ‘open discussion’ is them expecting me to shut the hell up, listen to what they cry about and expect me to agree…

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