Realizing you’re too old to watch MTV’s Video Music Awards

I gave it a try. I really did. I had an hour to burn before the Game of Thrones finale came on and figured why not? I regretted the decision the minute I tried to watch the pre-show and the first five minutes of the broadcast and it wasn’t just due to Katy Perry’s cringeworthy attempt at hosting.

I was scrolling through Twitter during the red carpet arrivals and saw Stan Twitter fangirling as usual, but one question kept popping through my mind…Who is that? Literally as I watched the red carpet, reviewed the nominees, the list of performances, there were only a couple of people that I actually knew who they were. I texted friends and kept asking Who is that?.

They didn’t know either.

It was then that I came to the sad conclusion that I’m just too old for the VMA’s. I actually think anyone over the age of 27 is probably too old for the once iconic awards show.

Back in the day (in the 90’s and 00’s my prime era), the VMA’s was must see television. Even the two hour red carpet before the actual 3 hour event was a who’s who of the music industry and had everyone glued to the television. There was always a surprise performance and some show stopping performance that had everyone talking the next day.

Who can forget Britney with the snake wrapped around her shoulder?

Courtesy: Billboard

Courtesy: Billboard

Or Madonna, Britney and Christina’s kiss in the middle of their performance, Janet Jackson’s tribute to her late brother and Michael Jackson doing a surprise performance with N Sync. Beyonce even chose the awards show to reveal her pregnancy back in 2011.

Now the only celebrities in the audience seemed to be the ones who knew they were going to win or were scheduled to perform. It wasn’t all bad though. The show was very politically charged, which I personally don’t have a problem with but others did. The highlight of the night was seeing Pink perform a medley of her hits which brought a great sense of nostalgia.

So it’s official. My time has passed. You young kids have at it. I’ll just watch old clips on YouTube in the future.

3 thoughts on “Realizing you’re too old to watch MTV’s Video Music Awards

  1. NeLLXO says:

    Ah…that semi-sad moment when I realized that I was finally “too old” to enjoy this year’s VMAs. And then I appreciated being old enough to remember back when it used to be worth watching 🙂

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