How To Take Care of Your Mental Health During a Trump Presidency

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by iyana edouard

On Friday Jan. 20, 2017 Donald J. Trump will became the president of the United States. Today is  August 18, 2017 and America is already doomed.  Trump running was odd, getting ahead in the polls was strange, but now that his presidency is a reality it’s very uncomfortable. It’s especially uncomfortable if you have any type of mental health issue.

I’ve had an anxiety disorder most of life and very rarely will I discover and new trigger. However, during the last few debates of the election last year I felt myself get so anxious to the point I was physically ill and was unable to finish watching. Even though we all thought Clinton was sure to win, the idea of Trump possibly becoming commander in chief made a lot of Americans nervous, anxiety or not

So imagine how I felt when it actually happened? I remember walking into my job…

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