This week in ‘Men are Trash’ news…

This post wasn’t even expected for today but yet here I am. It’s only Wednesday and we’ve gotten a month’s worth of tea in 48 hours.

I took a self imposed Twitter break this week because I needed to quiet the noise of the lames but hopped on to answer a few DM’s. Against my better judgment, I decided to take a quick peek and what was trending.

Kevin Hart



Hmmm. My first thought was Kevin Hart’s baby was born and Usher and R.Kelly must’ve dropped some surprise music on fans. It’s not uncommon after all. Jay-Z just did it a couple of weeks ago but no. That would’ve been too much like right.

Kevin Hart was caught fooling around in a car with gasp ,a white woman engaging in his own version of “Ride Along 3”. Usher took the words from his song “Let it Burn” to a completely different level by paying out a woman he infected with Herpes a few years ago and R.Kelly is…well being R.Kelly. So you already know what that means. Enter underage girls, freak nasty activity, etc.


All of the aforementioned men are married or were married and all have kids. I can’t imagine being the wife of someone with headlines like this following them no matter how much money they made. Men have been unfaithful since the beginning of time, that’s not uncommon, but what is most disturbing is the amount of carelessness involved.

Any shorty who has said Yeah! to Usher over the past few years is probably running to their local GYN to get tested for the Herp, and I can’t even imagine what his wife is thinking. He apparently settled a lawsuit with a woman who contracted Herpes from him in 2012 for $1.1 million and agreed to pay all of her medical bills. The details of his symptoms were outlined in the court documents that can be found online, I’ll spare you the details.

Kevin Hart has apparently been an adulterer for years according to his ex wife but could he at least TRY to be a bit more careful considering his wife is due to give birth any minute?! There is still some debate on Twitter on whether the cloudy image in the car is him but no doubt, zoom in and you can’t mistake that little head and corny smile. It’s definitely Kevin Hart.

And finally the pied piper of pedophi–I mean R&B. R. Kelly had gotten a pass for a long time just because his music is phenomenal. As disgusting as I think he is, I have to admit that when his music starts playing on Spotify I look over my shoulder a few times to make sure no one is watching, and still listen to a few of his songs. (I don’t know if it matters but I only listen to the club bangers NOT the ones about sex ….except the Ignition remix which should be exempt from all of his foolishness because it’s just that great)

Apparently the R. is running a cult and holding women hostage in a house while his main hoe shows them how to please him sexually. I can’t even begin to put into words how absolutely disgusting and disturbing the whole situation is. The only good that could come from this entire situation is if the writers of Law and Order:SVU pick up this story, and we see Mariska Hargitay and Ice T busting into the compound to serve justice to these poor girls in primetime.

Every time my friends, coworkers and therapist ask me, “Are you sure you don’t want to start dating again?” I am going to let the receipts start speaking for themselves. Social media is a cesspool of examples that highlight every reason why I don’t want to be in a relationship.

I’m staying single.

Cheers 🥂

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